Paper Study: Citation Resolution: A Method for Evaluating Context-based Citation Recommendation Systems

Paper Note 1 Introduction Helpful: if the system is able to take into account the context in which the citation occurs. CBCR: context-based citation recommendation system Objective: suggesting other document with content that is relevant to a particular context in the draft Modest aims in this paper: present initial results using existing IR-based approaches […]

Paper Study: A Machine Learning Approach to Conference Resolution of Noun Phrases

Paper Note 1. Introduction Coreference resolution: the process of determining whether two expressions in natural language refer to the same entity in the world. MUC-6, MUC-7 A coreference relation denotes an identity of reference and holds between two textual elements known as markables, which can be definite noun phrases, demonstrative noun phrases, proper names, […]

Paper Study: Learning Structured Perceptrons for Coreference Resolution with Latent Antecedents and Non-local Features

Paper Note 1. Introduction 2. Background Previous mention-pair model: each co-reference classification decision is limited to information about two mentions that make up a pair. Using the entity-mention models to overcome shortcoming. Tree representation: tree-based model construes the representation of coreference clusters as a rooted tree. Latent tree: provides more meaningful antecedents for training 3. Representation and […]

Simple PLSA clustering

In the present days, I have worked for our team on a clustering task. I was given a bunch of video titles that needed to be tagged. In the past, we tried several supervised learning method such as Naive Bayes Classifier. However, this time, I have tried a totally different kind of method called PLSA(Probability Latent Semantic Analysis) which […]


一. ps基本知识 1. 各种要求 a. personal statement 为什么读这个专业 为什么选这个项目 已经做了哪些准备 其他信息,为什么是一个好的申请人 对项目能做什么贡献 b. statement of purpose(约等于ps) c. ps && sp ps 偏重个人,个人经历,背景,人生规划 sp 偏重学术,学术经历,职业规划 d. statement of diversity(部分学校要求,如果要求,很重要,突出亮点) 给项目带来什么样的多样性 加州系统的学校喜欢要求这个 种族、性别、背景多样性,不同属性的人,给项目带来什么样的多样性 我是中国人,不算diversity,为什么能带来diversicy?学术态度?学术方法?如何多样?不是为了不一样而不一样 中医世家的例子,申请医学,文化的熏陶等,独特的视角和兴趣 公务员家庭例子,了解中国的政治经济细节 少数民族例子,不同语言,申请语言学人类学 e. 其它 注意:要求的内容一定要写到,明确要求不要写的东西不要写,记得问小蜜,打电话很重要,问要求写啥 2. 格式要求 a. cv不要有页眉 b. 页眉可以有(项目题目) c. 页脚一定要有(标页码) d. word默认页边距,正常字体times new roma,12号字 e. 不要水印和logo,根据要求行间距 f. 不要分板块 g. […]

Integrated Writing Practice(fossil bussiness)

There is a focused controversy about fossil business. It is held by the reading passage that private collectors’ selling and buying fossils is an unfortunate development for the general public, scientists and fossils. However, the lecture maintains that the benefits of commercial fossil trade outweigh the disadvantage. First of all, the reading claims that the […]

Argument Practice

错误类比 The argument relies on what might be a false analogy between Cutters, Hair-Dooz, and Brainard. In order for the last two salons to serve as examples that Cutters should emulate, the manager must assume that all relevant circumstances are essentially the same. However, this assumption is unwarranted. For example, the argument overlooks the possibility that […]