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Paper Study: A Machine Learning Approach to Conference Resolution of Noun Phrases

Paper Note 1. Introduction Coreference resolution: the process of determining whether two expressions in natural language refer to the same entity in the world. MUC-6, MUC-7 A coreference relation denotes an identity of reference and holds between two textual elements known as markables, which can be definite noun phrases, demonstrative noun phrases, proper names, […]

Paper Study: Learning Structured Perceptrons for Coreference Resolution with Latent Antecedents and Non-local Features

Paper Note 1. Introduction 2. Background Previous mention-pair model: each co-reference classification decision is limited to information about two mentions that make up a pair. Using the entity-mention models to overcome shortcoming. Tree representation: tree-based model construes the representation of coreference clusters as a rooted tree. Latent tree: provides more meaningful antecedents for training 3. Representation and […]