The Idea of Pitts’ Living Assistant

I have moved to Pittsburgh for almost two weeks, and find living here not easy for Chinese guys. Since some of my friends are initiating a project for assisting people in big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai in China. I want to mimic their efforts and decide to start some attemps to create and operate a WeChat Account.

I have named this WeChat Account “匹村生活助手”, which means the Pitts’ Living Assistant. I would add some interesting features to this assistant, which I will discuss them later. Unlike my friends’ attempts, I shall have no energy dedicating myself into operating the account. Which means, I shall not recruit a team of representatives. Therefore, I wish my assistant to be a totally artificial intelligent assistant.

It will be a challenge for me to accomplish this task, however, I think I can learn a lot from this process. It is also a good opportunity for using the technologies I shall learned from the University of Pittsburgh, a good chance of applying Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Recommendation techs.

Here are some schedules for this project, terms will be long because I have courses to study.

1. I will make several research on the WeChat API for Developments, also some research on the Back-end Framework. I will test APIs I need and make some demos using these APIs. These may take me almost 2 weeks through Aug 13th – Aug 31h. I will check the milestone on Aug 31h.

2. I shall Initiate data for my assistant, grab data from the internet, invite some initial users and make some decisions based on survey from these initial users. These may take 2 weeks through Sep 1st – Sep 15th if all things goes well.

3. In the next step, I will apply some recsys techs to improve the users’ experiences. Make the assistant easy to use. Time schedule is not available.

4. Let the assistant to reply to users automatically. This is a quite a hard task for me now, but I think I can handle it some days.

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