Latex Tutorial 1

Reference I am following latex-tutorial website step by step. The url for the tutorial is What I have learned? Structuring the document by section, subsection, sub subsection, paragraph, subparagraph Importing packages Typesetting math in Latex, e.g. align, equation, frac, int, sqrt, left, right, matrix Adding figure, embed an image, add an tabular, e.g. table, […]

My First Semester in Pittsburgh

Long time no writing posts, I just want to records my first semester spent in Pittsburgh. Firstly, the city is beautiful. I have so long live under the air pollutions (both for Changsha and Beijing). When I first located here, I was attracted by the blue sky, by the green trees, and by the lovely small animals […]

Paper Review: Visual Recognition with Humans in the Loop

Reference Please refer to the original paper written by Steve Branson, Catherine Wah, and other authors. Paper Url:【】 Summary The authors present an interactive and hybrid method for object classification. They introduce a general framework for incorporating object recognition algorithms into the problem. Experimental results show that this new approach drives up recognition accuracy while reduces the […]

CS1699 Homework1 – Part IV (Seam Carving)

Please refer to 【】 We are required to reproduce a paper regarding seam carving in our CS1699 course. The name of the paper is 【Seam Carving for Content-Aware Image Resizing】which is written by Shai Avidan and Ariel Shamir. Thus in this post, I will first introduce my understanding about this paper, then, give a implementation […]

CS1699 Homework1 – Part I

Please refer to 【】 OK, this is my first assignment in CS1699. Although CS1699 is an undergraduate course, I find it informative and well designed course. During the class in the first week, I learned how to load an image into memory(imread), how to transform a RGB 3-channels color image into a gray-scale image(rgb2gray), how to transform […]

The Idea of Pitts’ Living Assistant

I have moved to Pittsburgh for almost two weeks, and find living here not easy for Chinese guys. Since some of my friends are initiating a project for assisting people in big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai in China. I want to mimic their efforts and decide to start some attemps to create and operate […]

Paper Study: A Composite Kernel Approach for Dialog Topic Tracking with Structured Domain Knowledge from Wikipedia

Paper Note 1 Introduction Current weakness: previous work on dialog interfaces has focused on dealing with only a single target task analyze and maintain dialog topics from a more systematic perspective: 1) a separate sub-problem of dialog management and attempted to solve it with text categorization approaches for the recognized utterances in a given turn. 2) domain models(knowledge-based methods) and their weakness. […]